Windows client that supports Clash Meta

Clash N User Guide

Download and Installation

  • Find the download link on the homepage, download the zip file to your operating system.
  • After extracting, run the ClashN.exe program.
Run Clash N

PS: The client needs a proxy subscription to achieve scientific internet access. If you haven’t purchased a proxy service yet, you can refer to our recommended providers.

Configuring Subscriptions

Open Clash N and select the “Profiles” feature from the left menu.

Adding a Configuration File in Clash N

Click “Add Profile”, enter the subscription URL, and for “Core Type”, you can choose the powerful Clash Meta.

If the subscription uses a V2Ray subscription address, you can click “Enable Subscription Conversion”.

If you haven’t purchased a subscription service yet, you can refer to our recommended proxy services.

Adding a Subscription in Clash N

After adding, right-click on the subscription and select “Update All/Selected Subscriptions” from the menu to retrieve proxy node information.

Updating Subscription Information in Clash N

Then, right-click on the added subscription and choose “Set as Active Profile” to use the node servers in the subscription.

Using Subscription Configuration in Clash N

Select “Current Proxies” from the left menu, then in the right-side proxy nodes, choose the required server, right-click and select “Set as Active Node” to start using it.

  • It’s recommended to set the system settings to “Automatically Configure System Proxy”. This way, network traffic will go through Clash N.
  • For Rule Mode, it’s advised to choose “Rules”. This way, only websites and services that need to bypass censorship will go through the proxy.
Selecting Proxy Servers in Clash N

Testing Connection

  • Use a browser to visit a website that is usually not accessible, like Google, to test if the proxy is working properly.
  • If there are issues, try redownloading the configuration file or adjusting the proxy mode.

Advanced Features

  • If you are an advanced user, you can try enabling TUN mode for more complex network routing functionalities.